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Your Guide To Oahu With The Laylow

Visiting Oahu for the first time was a tick off of my bucket list for sure. After a rough year it was time to finally fly somewhere farther away from the states...I packed up my bags, took my covid test, and escaped to the paradise of my dreams. We stayed at the Laylow hotel; a cute boutique spot owned by the Marriott. It's right in the middle of downtown Waikiki and is only steps away from some of the Islands best spots to dine. They even have their own tasty restaurant called "The Hideout".

Our room at the Laylow was absolutely adorable. The spacious room had two king beds with comfy sheets. I also adored the so so cute!

The decor in the room was modern and simple. Yet, it added a pop of color to the room. The space was also equipped with a TV for relaxing after a day full of adventure.

This hotel was also sure to provide a lot of space for accessories and clothing in the closets and drawers. I usually don't organize my set-up well, but take a look at that storage area haha! So aesthetic.

My favorite thing ever was this gift basket they gave us!!! We arrived around 4pm (7pm LA time) and were starving!! The bin had some tasty chocolate and two bottles of water. After stuffing my face, I explored the colorful flip flops, a rubber duck, and even some adorable travel bottles.

The flip flops and travel bottles were extremely helpful when exploring the island. Obviously, the ground is hot and hydration is important...the shoes and bottle=necessities!

The View: Before showing you our favorite spots around the island, I need to show you our hotels amazing looking glass. Not only could we see the entire city from the window, but we also had a balcony to sit outside and absorb the beautiful atmosphere. We ate dinner on here most nights and enjoyed the stars above...


There were many delicious spots around the island, yet, I've dumbed it down to a few musts for you!

The Hideout Waikiki At The Laylow

The Hideout most def had the best vibes out of every other restaurant we visited for dinner. They had live music, a comfy and chill seating area, as well as quick service+nice employees. If you come here at sunset it's especially beautiful!

*This spot is great for photo-ops as well!

Our order consisted of a Kimchi Bowl, Ahi Tacos and Edamame. It was a light and healthy dinner and yet, it was still so tasty!

The Kimchi bowl was filled with Kimchi, Ahi, a fried egg, and some greens. I had never tasted these ingredients together but enjoyed the medley of foods. The Ahi Tacos were my favorite dish of the night. It was sided with mango salsa as well as mayo sauce for the Ahi. These mini tacos were adorable, unique, and tasty. 10/10 would get again! The Edamame was also really unique. I enjoyed the sauce added on top. It had a small kick and added so much flavor to these little green guys...

This spot is definitely the go-to for your stay on the island if your looking for a spot with nightlife and good food!


Hi Hi, if you know of Hawaii you probably know of Dole Whip as well. This tasty pineapple sorbet is a tourist favorite and a must-try for those visiting and even the locals. This big scoop was only $4 and we got it from the ABC store! They also sell everything from sunscreen to lunch items and souvenirs. Be sure to check it out!!

The ABC store right near the Laylow also had Thai Tea Boba Ice Cream!! I am obsessed!! This tasty dessert consists of boba pieces and yummy flavoring. Also a must-try...


The Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden was by far one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen. There is so much green forest, different types of plans, wildlife, and even a lake. I'm just going to leave the video below and let you decide for yourself if this is the Jungle paradise you've always dreamed of...

Overal, our trip to Oahu was the adventure of a lifetime. Our hotel was closely located to every spot we wanted to go to via car or walking. I recommend getting a car to explore every inch of the island however, just because it is so worth-it!! Drive the coast and explore all of the beaches!!

I hope to adventure through all of the other islands soon as well.

Until next time, Oahu...


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