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Your Guide To Carlsbad California

Carlsbad is a beautiful small city around 30 minutes away from San Diego California. I visited for the first time this year and found it absolutely wonderful!!

We spent the week at the Cassara Carlsbad which is one of the most beautiful spots I have stayed at by far...the rooms were spacious, we had a porch with a view of the flower fields, and were greeted with a cute welcome basket filled with snacks+other goodies...

The aesthetic of our room was beautiful. From the patterned wall papers to the paintings on the wall, everything was so detailed. We were given a suite with two rooms and space for around four people. This one is great for families or trips with friends!!

The Cassara also has a pool that overlooks the Flower Fields. I spent a lot of time lounging here and simply relaxing in the quiet pool. It was not too crowded as the hotel has a few pools!! The main one (pictured above) was my favorite because it is filled with lounge areas and also has a hot tub....


On our first day, we ventured to the Carlsbad flower fields. It was right across the street from our hotel! This spot is famous for it's nearly 50 acres of beautiful and colorful blooms. These flowers only bloom for around 6-8 weeks and the fields have been on my bucket-list for years!!

This space definitely exceeded my expectations! Not only were the fields magnificent, but there were so many activities to explore as well...One of my favorites being picking blueberries!!!

Now this was AMAZING and also something that has been on my bucket-list for years...I have never had friends who wanted to pick fruit with me, but since we were at the fields they could not say no haha!!

We spent around an hour just exploring all of the different types of blueberries, picking them, and even eating them! I did not even know there were different kinds of blueberries...The price of this fun venture was welcoming too. Only $5 per person!! It's kid friendly and not too crowded...there are lots of blueberries for everyone!!


I am completely obsessed with Lionfish in San Diego. It was my second time coming here, however we tried all new things. The menu is unique and filled with so many options...During our dinner here we got sushi, popcorn shrimp, as well as beef tar tar!!

The sushi here is to die for and they have so many options! I am pretty sure that I have tried them all by now and they have never disappointed!!

The beef TarTar was quite interesting and unlike anything I have tried almost tasted like a burger as special sauce was poured on the beef. There was shredded lettuce as well as cheese. I enjoyed the taste of this dish a lot, yet, found it to be very unique...

The Popcorn Shrimp here is most definitely my favorite dish they serve!! The shrimp is tender on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside!! I could eat this over and over again...

I truly fell in love with Carlsbad when we visited! From the beautiful flowers, to our wonderful hotel, everything was so calm and relaxing. This is a wonderful spot to Staycation or take the kids!!

The Cassara is a family friendly hotel and even has a waterpark for the kids+ an adult pool for the parents. The employees are also wonderful and so kind! They were so helpful to all the questions I had! Will be coming back here one day for sure...

Until next time, Carlsbad.


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