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The Lodge At Jackson Hole: The most relaxing stay...

While in search of a new adventure, we wandered out to Jackson Hole Wyoming. It was such a treat to not only stay at such a wonderful hotel, but also step into one of my favorite towns yet. The Lodge at Jackson Hole is nestled between downtown Jackson and is only a short drive away from spots like Grand Teton National Park.

Our room at the Lodge was a great size for relaxing and rewinding at the end of each day. Equipped with a wonderful view, each room has a window to the outdoors and is symbolic to the adventurous culture of Jackson. The details of our room also made it very special. Coming back to the hotel after a snowy hike and being able to relax in my personal rain shower was definitely one of the highlights of this trip.

Also ammenitied with an inside/outside pool, sauna, complimentary breakfast and trolley services, this hotel really has it all.

The pool at the lodge is the most wonderful and unique one I been to before. This inside/outside pool allows you to swim to each room whenever you feel like it. I spent a lot of time swimming while it was snowing outside which was incredibly magical (coming from a California girl it was wild!!) The pool is perfectly heated and the hot tub is snug for extra cold days.

I also enjoyed time in the relaxing dry sauna. I 10/10 recommend this space as it is so soothing and perfect to relieve any extra stress your body is holding. I won't lie, my body spent some time adjusting to the cold temperature in WY and I had a bit of a headache. The sauna made me feel so much better...

I also had to show off the yummy and complimentary breakfasts we got each day. The Lodge has adjusted very well to any health concerns according to the current situation by giving out delicious grab and go breakfasts. Each day we could choose from a breakfast burrito, sandwich, fresh fruit, parfaits, and even warm coffee or orange juice. We were able to get as much food as our stomachs desired as well. This was a wonderful and tasty start to each day! I went to bed excited to hear about what breakfast would be in the morning...

After seeing how great breakfast was each morning, we were also able to get a taste of dinner at The Lodge. As seen above, this was probably one of the best dinners I have had in awhile. The pasta was packed with seasoned veggies, chicken, and tomato as well as some cheese on the top. The taste was extraordinary. Shown on the bottom right is the fish and chips which were perfectly crisp and came sided with a sweet sauce to balance out the saltiness of the dish. I especially enjoyed the pretzel bites and cheese dip. This appetizer was fun and tasty as well!

We spent a lot of time relaxing during this trip since I didn't plan to ski. I really wanted to spend time exploring the city of Jackson Hole and seeing all the wonderful spots it had to offer. And boyyy did we adventure...

During this trip we were able to go anywhere around the city thanks to the amazing trolley service that the Lodge offers. We could simply call for a drop-off or pick up whenever needed. This is the first time I have seen a hotel offer such a convenient service and it made getting around very easy and inexpensive.

One of my favorite places we stopped at was the Cache Creek hiking trail. This snowy winter wonderland has to be the most beautiful hike I have ever been on. We walked about four miles and still had many more to go before turning back at sunset.

More adventures:

This was also my first time being surrounded by snow! Just wanted to show off this gorgeous snowman we made!! So cute...

Pictured on the left are some snowflakes I caught as magical!

Jackson Hole was unforgettable. We had the most wonderful hotel and were situated in such an amazing city. The food is unfathomable and the people are some of the nicest I have met as well. If I had the chance to come back and stay here for months, I would take it. This is definitely a town to add to your bucket list.

I loved how much The Lodge had to offer. They were helpful and made this trip very relaxing, family-friendly, and convenient as well as safe for the travelers. I couldn't chosen a different experience than this one. Definitely coming back ASAP! Until next time, Jackson Hole


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