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The Dove Inn Golden: A modern B&B in Golden, CO

While on this new travel blogging adventure, we found a home out in Golden Colorado. The Dove Inn is nestled perfectly on the corner of Downtown Golden and nearby delicious restaurants+ some amazing coffee shops.

The Dove Inn lays on a beautiful house built in 1866. She's an old home and sometimes makes very funny noises...

The vintage space has some gorgeous details like old photographs and colorful couches.

I especially loved the coffee station and on-tap Kombucha...

This modern taste of a Bed and Breakfast also consists of behind the scenes cleaning and breakfasts that are refilled in the fridge daily. This no-contact way of service is perfect for a romantic stay.

Not only is the B&B made personal and luxurious with this quiet space, but it also is only steps away from the cities adventures. I never expected Golden, CO to have so much to do! The town is beautiful and well taken care of. The restaurants just down the block have outdoor dining and live music and the boutique shops are decorated wonderfully...some even have gardens and fish inside! I truly enjoyed staying in the little town as there is so much to do for people of all ages.

​The Dove Inn: Details

The Inn we stayed at was beyond beautiful. I loved the color scheme of this house as it fit with the snowy weather we were lucky enough to experience. At Dove Inn, there is also a porch to sit at for morning coffee and late night stargazing...

Our room was much larger than I expected! We had a full bathroom, bedroom, and sitting area with a TV that was equipped with guest Netflix and other streaming services. We were also given a heater in the room for colder nights.

Wanted to show a few details of the wallpaper in our room since it was so pretty. The triangle roof made for a unique shape in the space as well.

The cozy couch area was perfect for my work-cation. I spent a lot of time doing business calls and working on content here as well as in the downstairs living area.

The details of the room were wonderful as well. So many paintings and so much art!

The bathroom was definitely one of my favorite spots in this Inn. It was very spacious and had a large bathtub for relaxing as well. We were given a bath bomb and a weighted eye mask to wind-down each night. The space was also equipped with a his and hers sink as well as a shower, robes, and even makeup wipes.

We spent a lot of time in the living areas here as well! They are decorated for the holidays at the moment and it really made this space feel like a home. When we stayed, I believe we were the only ones there. This made for a very private experience in which we felt the whole space was ours! (One fun thing about traveling during these times). We felt safe being around less people due to the current circumstances. However, when more people book, Dove Inn does have safety measures in place, such as wearing masks around the living quarters etc.

This space consisted of multiple sitting areas, a functioning kitchen, on-tap Kombucha, and even on tap nitro-cold brew. On top of all these fun amenities, there was even a tea and coffee station with youtube videos that teach you how to use different types of coffee machines. We learned how to use a French Press!!

The details of the living space were unbelievable. Handheld lights, a vintage brick fireplace, connected fans, and holiday decorations turned this house into a character home. Each day we stayed it seemed to become more and more beautiful. The house had personality!!

I spent most of my time working on this yellow velvet couch. Not only is she comfy, but she was also next to the window that I could search for sunsets at with my evening tea. This was also a great breakfast space as we enjoyed our yogurt and muffins on this couch each morning as well. Sometimes I'd sneak down here early with a milk and a muffin, do my work, and tell my partner (when he was up 4 hours later) that I hadn't had breakfast yet...hehe.

I wanted to also show the plants outside on the porch...don't ask me why but I am obsessed with the aesthetic of anything and just really loved these pastel colored plants covered in snow...just so cute!!

Our stay at the Dove Inn was definitely one of my favorites!! Not only was this house nothing short of magnificent, but it's location is absolutely wonderful and just a short drive from fun spots in Denver as well

I loved the style of this house and this new version of the classic B&B!! This space is definitely fun for people of all ages and just in general, a great place to getaway for a little...We didn't get the chance to meet our hosts but they kept the house tidy for us and our tummies full for breakfast! This stay was quite personal and very romantic. I loved checking out all the winter activities and Golden and even having our own little Christmas tree at Dove Inn. This B&B is something very special! I'm honored to write about this one ;) Until next time, Golden

..In my next blog post, venture around the city with me as I show spots around Golden and Denver that we were able to checkout in collaboration with @visitgoldenco!! She was determined to make our stay even better than it already was. Stay tuned....


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