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Tamale House Austin: Tasty and authentic Tex-Mex

A week long trip in Austin Texas would be nothing without Maddie trying new foods and feeling up the culture of Austin. I decided to checkout the famous Tamale House in Austin where they serve Tex Mex style foods (a popular type of Mexican food in Austin).

Before going into detail on the food served at this space, I wanted to show off their outdoor dining area which is decorated with multiple plants, a waterfall where birds bathe, and a beautiful blue staircase...

Tamale House is currently doing takeout and dining on the patio. However, I would recommend sitting outside so you can see with your own eyes how pretty this space is. While we ate, we watched birds bathe in the waterfall and we got to relax in this peaceful environment...

The small details here where incredible! Take a look at our water glass!!

Our Order:

- Chips and Queso

- Fish Taco Plate

- Cheese Enchiladas

- Mexican Style Iced Coffee

- Mexican Style Coke

The Queso here is to die for...I'm not lying when I said I ate literally the entire container with the chips before our actual meal came out! It was very filling but I was determined to continue eating and eating and eating...

The fish tacos I ordered were so tasty! The fish was crisp on the outside and we were given limes to season it more...

My tacos were topped with house-made guac and sided with some rice and beans...I fell in love with this dish as it definitely tastes different from the Mexican style food we have back in LA. This family run restaurant has been perfecting their meals since they first opened in 1958.

My photographer and best friend ordered Cheese Enchiladas with cheese sauce...yup cheese sauce. Thats buckets of queso for us haha! SO much cheese...and we enjoyed every bite of it.

Both of the drinks we got were very tasty! I loved the vintage style bottle that the CocaCola came in as you can rarely get one that isn't canned back in Cali.

The iced coffee was sweetened perfectly with a light tan color. I love iced tea and I wish that I could've taken a jar of it back to LA haha! This one had such a unique and delicious flavor...

Overall, Tamale House in Austin is a must go to restaurant in the city. Located in the midst of downtown, Tamale House is a family owned gem that makes you feel at home and one with nature even while being in a middle of a gigantic city. The service here was great and the food was even better!! Until next time Tamale House....


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