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Stella Coffee LA: The Los Angeles Cafe Of Your Dreams...

Today I visited one of my new favorite cafes in Los Angeles, Stella Coffee. This spot is nestled between a park and some beautiful residential areas in the city. I was so excited to find a cafe that felt a bit more like home or a time away from the bustling and busy LA streets...

Stella Coffee is not only in a beautiful location, but it is also filled with the tastiest goodies from pastries to the most unbelievably delicious sandwiches. Before I get into my favorites, I also wanted to share some of my shots from the outdoor seating area...

Stella has a wonderful comfy area to sit and dine. I was feeling fancy, so I decided to take over the couch. Now for the best part...

- 2 Matcha Lattes

- Avocado Toast

- The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

The presentation of our meal was absolutely wonderful and I am especially obsessed with these cute cups!!

The Matcha lattes were delicious; the perfect blend of traditional matcha flavor and sweet cream delicacy. I have to admit that it's always hard to come up with a balance between sweet and bitter when it comes to matcha flavored items, so I've never been much of a fan. However, at Stella Coffee, I've definitely found the perfect latte and can finally say I love this type of drink.

This avocado toast was something else!! A fresh medley of arugula and tomatoes on a slice of toast packed with green goodness. Seriously, I've never been graced with this much avocado before...Stella was not stingy at all with this dish and I love it! I also got an over-medium egg on my toast to finish it off. The flavors of this simple plate were perfect and I couldn't be more satisfied with my choice.

The close-up you didn't know you needed^

This breakfast sandwich was nothing short of it's name, ultimate...

I'm still obsessing over this massive (and massively delicious may I add) sandwich packed with egg, cheese, bacon, and avocado. This is unlike any other breakfast platter I've had before! I couldn't believe how much flavor was packed into it...All of the ingredients came together to create something I truly believe was made with love.

Overall, my experience at Stella Coffee was tasty and peaceful! I really have a place in my heart for this spot. Great Location, wonderful service by some of the nicest people, and awesome food. I will definitely be back soon!! Until next time, Stella Coffee...

You can find our friends over at Stella here:


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