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Rosemary Beach Staycation Guide

Florida is by far one of the most beautiful states I have visited. The weather is lovely and the beaches are calm (unlike LA). I have visited once before and yet, still needed to come back to explore the rest of the state. Rosemary Beach is quiet, not too crowded, and very relaxed, unlike other Florida vacationing spots...It is very family friendly and a great spot to find peace in nature.

We stayed with YourCationAwaits at their beach rental. This lovely three story house is only a five minute complimentary trolly drive from the beach and is located in a lovely neighborhood.


The backyard is equipped with swim toys, boogie boards, and fun beach items. There is also an outdoor shower that is helpful in making sure sand doesn't drag into the house...

The living and dining room were lovely. Not only does the TV already come with Netflix and other streaming services, but the living room also seats lots of guests. My friends and I spent almost every night here having movie nights and chatting about our days...

The living room feels very homey and has a wonderful ambiance.

The house has multiple bedrooms on all three floors and they are all decorated so beautifully. Since it was only my two friends and I, we had so many rooms to choose from. However, a set-up like this works wonderfully for a big family or even a group of families!! All of the beds are so spacious and comfy. Most rooms also have their own porch as well as a view of the neighborhood. It was amazing waking up to the sunset each morning...

On the second floor of the rental there is also a game room with fun board games and bean bag chairs. Some of the games featured are apples to apples and monopoly...

This space is so fun and a great place to hangout with the kids at night or get everyone together without technology.

I fell in love with all the details of this home...From the kitchen being stacked with utensils, pots, and dining equipment to each little decoration, this home was built with love. Every corner is decorated with paintings, candles, globes, and unique lamps.

I'm one to obsess over the small things and this was just the thing for me!!!

Above I added a photo of the beautiful view from the porch! What a gem!!


The rental is only a short trolley ride from a wonderful supermarket/cafe called Seacrest Sundries. It has everything from sunscreen to smoothies and you will be able to find all your vacation essentials there...we went for groceries as well as lunch. However, they also serve breakfast!!

This spot has all the sodas, cookies, crisps, and even produce you could ever ask for!!

It was so convenient being able to shop somewhere local and close to our rental...

I also fell in love with the food here. Absolutely delicious...I am sitting here writing this and wishing to hop on a flight just to have their cheese balls again (featured in the middle picture).

When we came for lunch, we ordered the Cajun Fries, Cheese Balls, and The Chicken Tenders. Everything was cooked to perfection and seasoned deliciously...

Seacrest Sundries is a great spot for quick dining and grocery shopping.

Another one of my favorite spots we visited during this trip was Amanda Coffee.

They have very tasty Avocado Toast as well as some of the best lattes I have ever tried...this place is a must!! It gets pretty busy in the mornings, however, the line moves fast and the employees are very nice!! The atmosphere is welcoming and the food feels like home. If you are lucky, you'll be able to catch some of their tasty pastries before they all sell out!!

Lastly but not least, I would like to feature a spot we didn't collab with but loved.

Like really loved...

Bayou Bills is a great spot to take friends and family to see and even eat ALLIGATORS!!

Now this was a huge mark off my bucket list!! We saw so many live alligators just chilling outside the restaurant like pets!! So cute and so unique...

We also ordered alligator to try here! It has the consistency of chicken and is actually really delicious. The restaurant serves it over rice and there are many sauce options to choose from as well...

We also ordered a Seafood Platter, Shrimp Skewers, and Hush Puppies...The serving sizes are large!!! Like so large and so so worth it for the money...most of the dishes come with Hush Puppies anyway so don't be like me and order an extra side of them unless you want like 50 hush pups at your table haha!

The food here is seasoned in such a tasty way. I enjoyed trying each dish and found them to all be so so tasty. This comfort food is something I have been craving since we left. I can't even fathom house delicious it all was...

Lastly, I want to mention one of my favorite spots around the city. This area is called the Pearl and it's right next to Rosemary beach. All of the buildings here are so colorful and the restaurants are lovely as well. The Pearl is near many boutique shops and gift stores that are perfect for souvenirs and shopping...

And also...look at this view during the evening. Ugh to die for!!

My stay in Rosemary Beach is one I will never forget! I love this city and it truly has a piece of my heart. It is wonderful to find small towns that are calm and take life slowly...I found a new form of peace here and learned that life dozen't have to be rush rush to be fun and exciting!

Until next time, Rosemary Beach


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