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OMG Squee Austin: The bakery to be if you love love love cute things!

OMG Squee can probable pass as the cutest spot in Austin. They are a new gluten free bakery that specialize in creating the most detailed and yummy macaroons, jiggly cheesecake, taiyaki, and ice cream. They currently only serve ice cream on weekends and we came on a weekday the first time we went...

OMG Squee is the first spot that I've ever returned to literally the day after blogging to get more goodies (we literally dragged our luggage across Austin to purchase some macaroons and ended up getting some ice cream as well haha!)

Our Spread:

- Five macaroons (including cookies and creme and even one made from fruity pebbles).

- Jiggly Cheesecake

- Taiyaki Macaroons

- Taiyaki (Ham and cheese, red bean, nutella, and beef).

Before I tell you guys about how amazing this jiggly cheesecake tastes, I'd like to give a fun backstory...

I always use cake to celebrate when something wildly exciting happens in my life. When I got my first 100k on Instagram, I got a cake. However, I had stopped letting myself celebrate new and fun things. I didn't even celebrate my birthday for the last few years because I have been sad and felt unimportant. After not celebrating many milestones, I decided to finally celebrate collaborating with a hotel, something I have been trying to do forever as I love to travel...I searched for cake during the first few days of this trip very determined to finally reminisce on how far my work has come and how much I've grown as a person. On the first day of being in Austin I even BOUGHT A PLATE FOR THE CAKE WE WANTED TO BUY!

By the third day, I was feeling a bit down because most bakeries sold tiny pastries and we could not find a cake. I decided to let it go and not bother trying anymore...

Fast forward to our day with OMG Squee:

I walk into the bakery and the first thing said to me was "I made you a cake". This made my entire trip and it was honestly the cutest thing ever as I never ever mentioned a cake to the owners of Squee...I wouldn't ask someone to go through that much work for me!! But she made one for us even before we got there and I got to use the plate I had bought...crazy right??

Not only were the people who made this cake some of the nicest people I've met, but the cake was so so special and delicious as well. It was moist and very delicate...I have never tried a jiggly cake before but now I want many many more and may have to fly back to Austin or ask if they deliver to California haha!

The Taiyaki macaroon was very delicious and detailed so beautifully. I would definitely recommend getting one of these if you like the taste of a normal macaroon and also love cute things haha! Look at this little fishy!! I believe it had strawberry creme inside as well which added a very tasty texture...

We ended up getting two packages of macaroons!! These were soo delicious...My personal favorite was the one with fruity pebbles as it was blue and had little cereal pieces inside!! My photographer, Allie, enjoyed the cookies and creme ones so much that we went back the last day to grab some more for friends back home...

I fell in love with these Taiyaki pockets. My favorites where the ham and cheese and the nutella one!! The ham and cheese was savory and made for a great snack or dinner option whereas the nutella filled pocket was great for a dessert or sweet snack!! It was the perfect blend of sweet nutella and soft bread...

I mentioned we came back again for more goodies...However, didn't tell the story of how welcomed we were the second time. We had a flight in around and our and took our luggage to say goodbye and grab some goodies. We did curbside pick up for macaroons but were given some water bottles and complimentary ice cream. Overall, OMG Squee has some of the tastiest snacks and foods, however, the owners of this shop are something else...they are so sweet and welcoming! I will be back here every single time I visit Austin to chat and enjoy more treats. Such a true gem...until next time!!

Added the videos of us with our luggage below haha!


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