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Neighbor, Los Angeles: A restaurant that feels like home with healthy choices and tasty options

Today, we drove down to Venice to check out the adorable restaurant Neighbor. The decor here is so amazingly unique and well, it makes you feel like your really at a neighbor's house...

I was incredibly excited to check out this lovely cafe and spend a day enjoying good food and wonderful people

I've fell in love with the whole vibe of this cafe. Perfectly fitted with couches, plants, and coffee tables, Neighbor looks and feels just like a house. (in fact, it used to actually be one) This was my first expirence at a cafe that was built to feel so calm and home-like. I loved it! Being inside is almost soothing...Neighbor is surrounded by nature and right next to the beach.


- Latte with almond milk

- Heirloom Teriyaki Rice

​- Chayote Squash Tostada

​- Vegan//gluten free chocolate and banana cookie sandwich

My latte was super tasty! Not too sweet and not to bitter. I'm crazy obsessed with coffee and found this one to be particularly delicious! The latte was also decorated with a cute foamy heart and rested in a simple white mug...

The Heirloom Teriyaki Rice was so unique and delicious. Each bite was filled with a type of freshness and flavor I have never experienced before! The sunny side up egg was runny and smoothed, while the rice added a contrast and tasty flavor. I particularly enjoyed the sauce that this meal was topped with as it added a new, mouth-watering aspect to the rice, eggs, and seaweed salad. And take a look at the smoked salmon close-up!! You can see how delicate and fresh the meal

The Chayote Squash Tostada was another tasty and new food I have never tried before. The way the squash was cooked fasinated me because it was a bit crispy on the outside, yet, so juicy and flavorful on the inside (I guess I must not be great at cooking squash). The seasoning was mild and simple but I would not have asked for anymore. Under all the squash, there was a blue corn based tostada topped with seasoned avocado. I could definitely taste how fresh this meal was.

The Vegan//gluten free chocolate and banana cookie sandwich was also new to me. I never got the chance to get a dessert quite like it at any restaurant I've been to. The two cookies were so soft and sweet+filled with a chocolate frosting. Chocolate is DEFINETLY my sweet spot: my weakness. I cannot even fathom the fact that this menu item was dairy free and gluten free as it tasted so much like the real thing to me. (In fact, my entire meal was gluten free!!)

The entire style and free to this cafe is unreal. What a great idea it was to turn a house into a community place for people to dine at. I feel like the whole expirience really just brings the city and tourists together. It is a place for everyone to feel like they are at home and at harmony with the world. Overal, Neighbor was one of my favorite stops in LA! The staff is amazingly sweet and the food is fresh, healthy, and tasty. I only came for lunch but I am looking forward to coming back for the dinner expirience as I heard the garden looks beautiful at nighttime.


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