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La Casa Del Camino: Laguna Beach's Most Iconic Stay

Ever since I visited Laguna Beach for the first time, it quickly became my favorite California coastal town. Today we visit La Casa Del Camino, Laguna Beach's most iconic and historically famous hotel. Built in 1929, this hotel just celebrated its 91st anniversary!

This pet-friendly space boasts an absolutely beautiful exterior and lobby...It is also only steps away from Cress Beach. This is where we are spending most of our time!

Always being steps away from the ocean is SO magical. Cress Beach is a peaceful location with not too many guests on a day-to-day basis. The sunsets here are breathtaking too! This is the perfect set up for a staycation...

If you bring along your pup, be sure to read the signs as there are designated hours to bring along furry friends.

What we are doing:

Our Favorite Activity: Boat Rental With Electric Boat Rentals

Electric Boat Rental is located around 25 minutes away from La Casa Del Camino and its a perfect little day time activity! We spent around two hours driving our boat around the Balboa Peninsula with our two pups!! I had never driven a boat before and this was such a wonderful experience to share with the family.

Dinner Plans: Dining With Live Music at La Casa Del Camino's Beautiful Restaurant

La Casa Del Camino is known for their lovely rooftop lounge dining as well as their floor restaurant, The Comedor. When we visited there was live music and a great ambiance.

Not only did this space have delicious food, but we could sit and listen to the jazz music all night if we wanted to because the restaurant was only steps away from our room! How convenient!! After a long day, this was the perfect romantic spot to wind down and enjoy the rest of our night together.

Plus, the dessert was insane....

Another Dinner Spot We Loved:

GU Ramen

Gu Ramen is only around a six minute walk from La Casa Del Camino and it's our favorite asian spot in the area so far. The ramen here is ABSOLUTELY phenomenal. We also tried fried rice, dumplings, and a few other appetizers this time. We were not let down at all. Ramen is such a delicious comfort food to enjoy during the evening after a pleasant beach day.

I wish we could've made this trip last forever! La Casa Del Camino truly lies in the heart of the best parts of Orange County...

Until next time, Laguna Beach...


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