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JTHaven: A Desert Stay Like No Other

For the first time ever, I ventured out to Joshua Tree, California to do some "glamping" with JThaven. They have some of the most unique rentals in the world!! I stayed in the Bubble Stargazing Tent and had the most surreal experience of my life!!

The clear bubble was perfect for watching the stars nightly and had a curtain to pull over for bedtime...

Pictured above is the full rental!

It had a kitchen area that was fully equipped with a stove, grill, utensils, a tea kettle, and even seasoning...The rest of the rental consisted of an outdoor shower+half bathroom as well as an adorable seating area. The shower was heated and allowed for a nice cool off during the day.

The haven also has a hot tub, however, I didn't use it because I was a little nervous to turn it on!

Overall, the outdoor area had everything we needed for a safe and fun glamping adventure.

Now you may be asking, "what did you even do out there in the middle of nowhere?!"

The #1 thing to do here is watch the sunset! Not only does the clear bubble allow for a wild stargazing experience but the view here is absolutely wonderful! Without the distractions of the city lights, everything is so much more visible...I spent a lot of time clearing my mind. Since the bubble is mostly off-grid, I found myself being entertained by nature and the simple things...

I picked up painting while here also! We grabbed a few colors and brushes from the local Walmart and I spent lots of free time just designing this fun little pot!! I felt so at peace spending a little extra time off my phone creating something my hands could hold!!

I think the best part about the haven is the full kitchen haha! Do you see this masterpiece that was our dinner?! We brought a cooler and were able to store meat for cooking as well as cheese and other perishables...If you don't feel like storing your groceries, the local Walmart is only around 10 minutes away and is huge!! They will provide any perishable items you need so you can cook them whenever.

My experience at JTHaven was one of a lifetime...I am so humbled to be able to see the world in a completely new light now! This was my first time doing any kind of camping and I won't lie, I was very nervous at first...a bubble in the middle of nowhere?

Count me in I guess!

All of my anxieties faded after the first night...this space feels very safe and once you close the curtains at night, the room just feels like your own little was so so worth it.

10/10 recommend for anyone who is adventurous or open-minded to trying new things...

Until next time, JThaven...


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