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Hotel Rose Portland: Casual Vibes In The Heart Of The City

For our visit to Portland, we decided to stay at Hotel Rose, a wonderful spot right near the river and in-between the city. We had a wonderful suite with an absolutely gorgeous view, gym area, bikes, and even evening complimentary cookies! Come explore with us...

Each morning we woke up to a beautiful view of the river and blooming pink flowers.

The beds were comfy and it felt like I was sleeping in a cloud or on a marshmallow. It's quite hard to find hotels with cozy comforters and I often find myself being cold in the middle of the night. However, at Hotel Rose, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself sleeping easily and being able to rest well for the next morning...

We were given bikes each day to ride and go explore the city as well. This was so exciting because LA is not much of a bike riding city. I haven't rode a bike since middle school!! Portland is quite bike friendly and the bike lanes are large as well. We were able to ride around 6 miles throughout the city and enjoyed every second of it. This way of exploring was so fun and also kept us active. The complimentary bikes are a wonderful addition to the hotel and they were always available when we asked for them!!

Now it's time to show all of the exciting spots around the city :All only within a few miles of Hotel Rose!

We were able to get around so easily with the public transportation...Each trip is $2.50 and the cost for the ride maxes out at $5 a day!! It was so convenient to not spend hundreds on the Ubers for this trip and we were definitely more easily convinced to try out spots farther away from the hotel...

We were able to take the MAX to from the airport, to the airport, and literally all around the city.

(Again, something impossible to find in LA).

The inner-city was filled with loads of beautiful and inspiring street art as well as historical architecture. I fell in love with the attention to plants and greenery. Each block had flower pots and trees. The streets were clean and well taken care of.

My favorite spot to dine in Portland was Top Burmese. It was my first time trying this type of food and it was a show stopper. Top Burmese is only a 15 minute drive from Hotel Rose and the public transportation is a convenient way of getting there as well.

Our dish consisted of Gold Dusted Samosas, Curried Chicken and Tofu, as well as Coconut Rice. Everything was so flavorful! The Samosas were crisp and cooked to perfection. The gold dust was the perfect addition to something that was already so beautiful. I especially enjoyed the Chicken Curry! Another flavor I had never tried before but wish I could eat on the daily!!

The serving size was filling and we even had leftovers to take back to the hotel...

Overall, our trip to Portland was amazing!! Our hotel was filled with some of the nicest people who were so helpful and always available when we had questions (or needed another water bottle!!) We had so much fun biking and exploring this gorgeous city...

The food in Portland is nothing short of amazing and the transportation makes it so much easier to try each and every goodie available.

At the end of the day this quirky city has won my I'll say it too:

Keep Portland Weird!!!

Until next time,


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