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Highland Haven Creekside Inn Evergreen: Welcome To Paradise

Colorado is by far my favorite state I have visited on this travel blogging journey so far. Not only is it beautiful with the snow in the winter, but it also has many hidden gems such as the city of Golden and all of its charm...

During the last adventure, I had visited Golden and became obsessed with Colorado. Today I am back to tell you about the city of Evergreen and it's most beautiful hotel, The Highland Haven Creekside Inn.

On my first day here I was greeted by a welcome sign that made my eyes a bit teary. What a wonderful way to start the trip. The Highland Haven is currently doing contact-less check-in due to the current situation, which is safe and healthier. However, this small touch of personalization made me feel so welcomed...

Now for the exciting part that will make this blog post unlike any other I have created...

This time, we were given the chance to stay in two rooms!! So I will be giving you a small tour of both the Highland Haven's Treehouse room and their Fireside Loft...

I was blown away by how beautiful each one of these rooms was...There was a lot of care, love, and passion poured into every small detail!

Above are some of my favorite shots from the TreeHouse. A beautiful vanity, lovely kitchenette, vintage bookshelf, and the tree-like sink are among a few of my favorite small details here.

The TreeHouse also has a steam shower for cozy mornings as well as a GORGEOUS upstairs jet bathroom...

I am pretty sure I used this tub at least 7 times within the two nights that I stayed in the TreeHouse and I have never seen anything as lovely and relaxing as it!!

This jacuzzi tub is wonderful for early mornings and late nights...

And if you find yourself staying at this hotel to wind down and take a minute from reality, you can join the many other guests who have drawn or doodled in this cute notebook. Take a moment to pick out a fairy-tale style pencil and just relax...

Not only is this serene space well decorated on the inside, but the view from the window is nothing less than a masterpiece. We had a few snow days and woke up to this...

When I tell you I gasped when the sunrise came around, it's the truth. I highly recommend a winter stay here as I couldn't imagine a more beautiful way to wakeup in the morning other than to this wonderland outside.

Although our stay in the TreeHouse was absolutely splendid, the Fireside Loft may just have to tie...

If you are looking for more of a family-friendly getaway, this room is for you! This two bedroom suite is a modern twist on the fairy-tale inn we spoke about. Although it has all of the same small details and love that makes the Highland Haven a special place, it is definitely has more of a "actual house vibe".

This living room is a prime example of how I want my own home to look: modern, classy, and simple. The floral wallpaper really brings the entire space together and it was fun being able to sip hot chocolate nearby the fireplace at night.

I added a close-up of the dining room above as this was where we had each of our dinners once moving into the Fireside Loft. Since this house had a larger kitchen and stove we were able to cook dinner each night.

Also...this desk...used it daily.

It's just really cute.

Also...this skylight...very cute as well.

Each bedroom was spacious and comfy! There is lots of room for a small family to vacation here and I think that's one of the Fireside Loft's best attributes. I can imagine taking my kids here every winter break in the's honestly a wonderful addition to the hotel as it brings the AirB&B feel to this traditional stay without the hassle.

These romantic cabins are absolute perfection for a couples trip or family getaway.

On top of all that, we were also served breakfast daily!!

(And happy hour may I happy hour)

I'm so happy we were able to stay here enough to get a true taste of what breakfast at the Highland Haven is. I think the food is enough to make me hop on a plane right now and go visit haha!

We were served fruits, egg and cheese bites, as well as pastries and breakfast sandwiches. What a treat!!

During happy hour you can also purchase snacks at an additional cost. I decided to try out the meat and cheese platters and they were so tasty!

My stay at the Highland Haven Creekside Inn was something I will remember forever. It was so nice staying in a space that was so loved and well taken care of by their team. Not only was this hotel beautiful, but those who helped out were absolutely amazing. The crew was helpful and always had smiles on their faces. This place is truly magical and I am so happy I got to spend some time here. Until next time, Highland Haven ;)


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