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Blaqhaus Noho: Bringing Soul To Los Angeles

Last week, I visited my new favorite Southern Cuisine spot in North Hollywood, Blaqhaus. You have to add this restaurant to your foodie bucket-list now. Here are the must-haves we ordered for lunch...

Appetizer: Triple Cheese Mac Daddy with Shrimp + Blue Crab Dip

The 3 Cheese Mac is unbelievably delicious. You can never ever ever go wrong with this! We also ordered the Blue Crab Dip. The presentation was lovely and this dish was also to die for! I honestly cannot choose a favorite. The bread was crisp and the dip was cheesy and fresh.

Our Spread:

- Ribs

- Salmon Sliders

- Catfish Bowl


So Blaqhaus offers Short Rib Grilled Cheese! Unfortunately it was not available when we came, however, I wanted to make sure you stayed in the loop and knew that heaven exists here. These ribs where tender and tasty!! I cannot even imagine the dance my tastebuds will be doing when we get the grilled cheese next time.

The Salmon Sliders and Catfish Bowl are probably my two favorite dishes that we got! I was not expecting the sliders to be as amazing as they were! I have never tried Salmon in a sandwich before this! 10/10 for sure. The Catfish Bowl is 100 percent a Must Have. The Catfish was so tender and juicy on the inside and incredibly crispy on the outside. It also came with delicious fries and a dipping sauce. 1000/10 and out of this world. My mouth is watering still just thinking about this dish...

You can never go wrong with Salmon Fettuccine. If I had to choose another favorite dish, it would be this. The pasta was creamy and came with bread and amazingly seasoned salmon as well. I am very impressed that we only chose a few menu items, yet, each and every single one felt like the best meal of my life.

I have heard that Blaqhaus is known for their brunch!! Yet, we came here for lunch and it was amazing. Like hello...I can't even imagine what brunch will be like when we come here again.

Blaqhaus, I will be back to try every single menu item...until then, these are my must-haves at this restaurant that has so many lovely options!

Until next time!


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