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Bar Peached Austin: Austin's favorite dinner spot...

Austin is filled with unique and tasty food adventure. We ventured five minutes out of downtown to find Bar Peached, a lovely spot that serves cocktails, tacos, and Asian comfort food. We went on a day that was recovering from rain but were still able to sit down outdoors and under a dry canopy...It was such a beautiful seating area and since I love rain, it was nice to eat outside (some sort of nostalgic feel that added to the mood of our dinner).

Our Spread:

- Steak and Frites

- Chicken and Pesto Udon

- Pork Buns

Steak and Frites is one of the specials at Bar Peached and is served every Tuesday 5pm-9pm.

It consists of Bulgogi marinated 44 farms (tx), 7oz of Prime Top Sirloin, nori fries, and kimchi miso butter...

This plate was unlike anything I had ever tried before! The nori fries were crisp and seasoned to perfection and the kimchi miso butter added a soft, warm addition to the sirloin...

This is a must-have when going to Bar Peached, especially if you are from out of town! I can assure you that we don't have this in LA.

The Chicken Pesto Udon also had flavors that were very new to me...It amazes me how different the food can be from state-to-state as this was something I have never even heard of! Being a foodie, I was sure to try all the new things scene in Austin is something else!!

The Pesto Udon is made with ume plum and thai basil pesto, chicken, peanuts, and dragon salt. Each part of this meal was so detailed when it came to color, taste, and presentation. I enjoyed the creamy sauce that balanced nicely with the dish as well as the garnishes on top.

I had never tried any pork buns before the ones at Bar Peached, however, I am glad that my first experience doing so was so memorable. I still remember the first bite of this little sandwich-type dish as I was in shock of the tasty blending flavors. This dish satisfied my palette.

My photographer on the other hand, who has eaten multiple pork buns, had the same reaction as me..."WOW these are amazing". So no, I'm not biased ;)

The pork buns are a favorite at Bar Peached and they are created from Vietnamese braised pork belly, cucumbers, green onion, and Chinese bbq sauce.

The food at Bar Peached was so filling but not too heavy. They provided us with a delicious meal that was clean and healthy as well!! This is a perfect spot for a relaxing dinner date or a night out with friends. The atmosphere is calm and beautiful+the service is also amazing...

This spot is the place to be when visiting Austin! Until next time Bar Peached...


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