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Arrive Austin: A modern and classy hotel in the heart of downtown...

Cheers to a last minute trip to Austin Texas with one of the coolest hotels I've stayed with yet! Arrive Hotels is not only incredibly aesthetic but also is supplied with a coffee shop, bar, restaurant, and some of the nicest employees who are working very hard to make sure we are safe during these uncertain times...I've added a quick hotel room tour below!

Right before entering the lobby I already knew this hotel was about to be beautiful. The details from even right outside are prominent and very unique. The greenery was vibrant and very inviting from the start.


Arrive Austin is also doing their part to keep us safe while traveling. We were given five towels each that were already sanitized and only touched by one other person before being put in our room.

The towel bag consisted of two larger sized towels, a makeup towel, a wash cloth, and a slightly larger towel...

In addition to the sanitized towels, Arrive also added hand sanitizing stations around the lobby and busier parts of the hotel...

Our Room:

We were given a little note and two free coffee coupons!! How did they know I was obsessed with coffee haha?

Below I added some photos of our room which was very modern with a vintage touch. We had quite the space! Our amenities included a small corner nook with a reading area, a table and couch, two beds, and a mini fridge+closet.

​We also had a complimentary Apple TV (maybe we watched the Bee Movie...once or twice).

Arrive has lots of options when it comes to rooms but of course I asked for the one with a view of the city! Waking up to the sight of downtown every morning was indeed something very special...

I took the time to create some fun vintage photos on our little couch as well. Was a bit obsessed with the cool paintings and color scheme in this corner of the room...

Arrive also has a coffee shop called Cartel Coffee Lab on it's first floor. We went here almost every day as it was convenient and staffed with some very nice people. I'm also someone who needs coffee every morning so this was a very very very nice addition to our stay here at Arrive Austin.

The Cartel Coffee Lab is a modern coffee shop with a pretty broad menu. They serve coffee, lattes, macchiatos, and even chai lattes. During our trip we must have been here around five times and I had so much coffee...

Since they are currently only doing takeout due to the current situation, I decided to at least show the dining area that will open again soon!! It's decorated with small plants, black bricks, hanging lights, and equipped with very comfy looking chairs! This space is a great area to chat with friends, do work, or hangout.

Here's our little take out coffee below:

Arrive also has a beautiful second story with a lot of outdoor seating, firepits, and a view of Downtown Austin. Decided to check it out on our second day when it was raining on and off. The energy here is great! A perfect spot to chat with friends and enjoy the hotels outdoor spaces...

Besides outdoor seating and a marvelous coffee shop, we also checked out Vixens Wedding on the first floor of our hotel. Vixen's is right past the lobby and located inside the hotel as well. This downstairs restaurant and bar has the most retro decor I've seen in a very long time!

​We were able to drink our coffee here and had a street view of Austin. At the moment, Vixen's is only open a few days out of the week so we chatted up a storm and enjoyed our coffees here each morning.

Vixen's Wedding is a Goan-inspired restaurant inspired by Indian-Portuguese flavors.

Although we didn't have the chance to check this spot out, I wanted to show the details in all the decor and the love that went into this vibrant space...

Every time we used this spot during our stay I was in awe of each corner of the room. The entire space was filled with vases, small plants that hung or sat on tables, and even the ceiling was covered in colorful lanterns. Never seen anything like it...

Arrive Austin is right near the busier parts of downtown which meant we had all of the best cafes, coffee shops, stores, and restaurants right at our finger tips.

I added two of my favorite stops nearby the hotel: OMG Squee and Bar Peached. Austin is filled with unique food spots! You can read about our time at OMG Squee and Bar Peached below but I've also added a few photos of our meals at each spot for a little sneak peak

OMG Squee

This spot specializes in gluten free Hot Taiyaki Pockets, macaroons, and character cookies!! Everything here is adorable and made with so much love! The owners are the sweetest people and do all the baking and cooking by hand. OMG Squee is definitely a must visit in TX!


Bar Peached is a comfortable restaurant on 6th street around 15 minutes from Arrive Austin. They serve cocktails, tacos, and Asian comfort food. This spot is incredible unique as well. Our meal consisted of Pesto Udon, Pork Buns, and Steak and Frites. Each platter we were given was filled with flavors so new to me and a clean taste that made us satisfied but not overly stuffed!

Make sure to check out the other Austin blog posts about these spots and others!

Besides the good eats, Arrive Austin is within walking distance of lots of cool street art and the bustling part of downtown...

I've always been a fan of street art and took pictures near it in LA as well. However, the talent and artistic youth around Austin makes this place feel very urban and creative...When walking throughout the streets it is a mix of old historic town and new modern art...

I added some of my favorite photos from around the city below that highlight the art and architecture in Downtown Austin.

The street art was primarily motivational and it was very inspiring to see a city so deep into an open-minded and positive attitude. The people in this city really live up to these quotes as well...everyone was very friendly.

It was great being able to walk right across the street to the other coffee shops and attractions in Austin!

We checked out Cuvée Coffee which was also across the street from our hotel. They served great coffee, matcha lattes, and pastries!

I think my favorite part of this city is how nice and friendly everyone is! The people who helped us get settled at Arrive were some of the nicest I've met in a long while. We had text service and could request room cleaning and even water! Each day we held conversations with those working at the desk and others around the hotel. It has a very home-like and family feel to it...

Overal, Arrive Austin is the spot to stay at when visiting Texas. Everything from the beautiful rooms to the great vibes and amazing people made this space something very special! Until next time Austin!!


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