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5 Best Spots to Dine in LA: By A Local

Because everyone loves some good food

Los Angeles is a massive and seemingly endless city. However, it is also filled with what seems to be an eternal selection of cafes, bars, and other spots to dine. Not only that, but Los Angeles has everything from Vietnamese food to Burmese...I promise you, even us locals struggle over what to choose for dinner since there are so many options!

Below is a curated list of the best spots to dine in a local

Breakfast and Brunch

Stella Coffee

Stella Coffee is a cute cafe that is known for their tasty breakfast sandwiches and coffee. This spot is close to the city, however, it is still nestled a bit farther away from the hustle, bustle, and traffic.

Pitchoun Bakery Beverly Hills

Pitchoun Bakery is an aesthetic French bakery and cafe. They have locations in DTLA and Beverly Hills. Personally, I prefer the Beverly Hills location as traffic is less harsh on the way there. This spot offers tasty French Pastries, unique brunch options, and lovely service!

Tortilla Inn Northridge

Tortilla Inn is authentic and fresh Mexican restaurant. Los Angeles is filled to the brim with Mexican food, so knowing the spots to go is key. Tortilla Inn offers Mimosas, Shrimp Fajitas, Wings, Tacos, and much much more. (Yup, I had to name basically my entire order!! These are musts when you visit!!!)

Mai Lai Modern Vietnamese Kitchen

Mai Lai Modern Vietnamese Kitchen is a Venice favorite that offers Vietnamese fusion style cuisine. This is a good spot to go for a fresh and delicious lunch...They have curated Rice bowls, spring rolls, Bahn Mí, and other tasty dishes...


Théia Los Angeles: Dinner With A Side Of Dance, Drinks, and Music

Théia Los Angeles specializes in Greek Fusion and their nightlife!! If you are looking to dine somewhere with sparklers, dancers, and live music, this is the place for you. This new restaurant is close to Beverly Hills and The Santa Monica beach.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite spots to dine in LA? Which will you try first?


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