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3 Of The Most Unique Spots To Grab A Bite In San Diego

Parakeet Cafe

Parakeet Cafe is a great spot to dine for brunch if you are looking for a healthy and quick bite. They offer breakfast items with a lovely presentation including latte art, beautiful loaded waffles, and even colorful teas. All of their items are light, filled with fruits and veggies, and very full of color.

Must haves here:

The chocolate waffle (pictured above) is one of Parakeet Cafe's most popular items. It is also one of my favs as well!

The Salmon and Pesto Egg Toasts are also both delicious and are presented so BEAUTIFULLY

Cannonball San Diego

Cannonball San Diego has to be one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been to. They also serve my favorite type of food EVER; Asian Food.

From Cannonball, you can get ramen, sushi, grilled shrimp, and even sushi burritos all while watching the ocean and beautiful sunset!

The service here is wonderful and the food comes out quick as well...

I'd recommend coming here during sunset so you can get the full experience, but bring a jacket because that sea breeze can be no joke!

Pictured above is the Shrimp on forbidden rice, 2 sushi rolls, and their sushi burrito.

Seating areas are pictured above as well. Cannonball also has a bar that's a bit farther away than the oceanside seating.

Brian's 24 San Diego

Brain's 24 San Diego is definitely a must-visit during a trip to San Diego. This cute and quirky pink restaurant features fun and delicious foods such as chicken and waffles and the "Basic Bitch Breakfast", which I of course ordered.

Brian's 24 is a perfect example of San Diego's fun, chill, and lighthearted nature. Oooo what a perfect escape from the chaos of Los Angeles.

All of these spots offer such delicious and unique foods as well as experiences in San Diego. It was hard to only pick 3 favorites from such an alive and bustling city food scene, yet, these simply stood out so much to me.

Until next time, San Diego ;)


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