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Nice to meet you,

I'm Maddie

Hi! I'm Madeline, the creator of Maxjesty. 

I crave the little things. To me, they make life worth living. Trader Joe's, stay-cations, cats, and coffee...boy oh boy...I'm sure you're thinking to yourself "Ohh God this is boring" or maybe, just maybe you're thinking, "She sounds a lot like me!!". 

Well your in the right place! Here you'll find my city-to-city guides from all of my favorite spots I've traveled to. You'll also find fun grocery ideas as well as the best spots to dine in your city. 

Through travel I have learned so much about myself and my appreciation for the things people usually don't notice. I've learned to love myself and all my quirks through traveling to new places and learning about the cultures of others. 

Yay! I am so glad your here...

Hey, I'm Madds


A bit more about

My story


My names Maddie. I'm from Los Angeles California. I don't belong the big city though...I prefer small towns with snow and coffee shops over the glitz and glamour of LA (crazy right?!)

I've always loved to create. From the beginning, I've created art, enjoyed making clay sculptures, and painting. However, it wasn't until 8th grade until I finally hopped on a plane and onto my first adventure...the Washington D.C school trip (haha!!)

From there, I found a passion for something new: Sharing my experience on social media. 

I started out my sharing my LA adventures and slowly moved on towards new favorites like Golden CO and Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Here, I'll be sharing my favorite spots to travel, explore, and dine...

I'm so happy you are here to join me on this journey!!

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